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Jun 9, 2010

Bonjour, Welcome and Selamat Datang to frenchMemo

Introducing frenchMemo's works of art

the French Memory Board is hand crafted memory board made of the finest fabric to place your tiny pieces of paper or memos as reminders of the things you need to do. Slide notes, pictures or bills you're almost due! Each French Memory Board  is layered with quilt and criss-crossed with fancy ribbons. To add the vintage look, go with the white, slightly distressed board frame or you can even have it on its own. Hang it in your kitchen for Mom's secret recipe or have it as a gift for your girlfriend's housewarming. French Memory Board comes in 45cm x 60cm with 2 hangers already installed.

the Fabric Wall is made of stretch fabric in classic rusty white frame or stands out on its own, revealing the fabric at its most finest look. Hang it in your living room, nursery or bedroom to have the wallpaper-like look, only with different concept. You can move your Fabric Wall as and when you wish. Fabric Wall comes in small framed, slightly framed and large frameless.  

Great fabric makes great wall!

Each frenchMemo piece is custom made especially for you upon order. Available in variety of fabrics,sizes and colours.

Stay tuned!

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